We design and manufacture electronic devices or laboratory equipment for end users. Our team is ready to develop new ideas with the customer and translate them into laboratory products or consumables.
We have to be quick, and design and/or produce at low cost to provide the market with competitive products.
For this, our company capitalises on the experience that began in 1980.
In this way, it has remained responsive and streamlined, with a staff that makes us proud, and has created a precious system of relationships with specialized technology partners.


What is your specialisation

We specialise in project development for electronic equipment, risk analysis activities, development of prototypes, integration, software development and activation and management of the production phase.
We operate in the MEDICAL DEVICES, PHARMA and INDUSTRIAL sectors.
We have developed special expertise in the control of movements and RADIOFREQUENCY APPLICATION.

Are you a manufacturer or designer of medical or PHARMA devices?

We design MEDICAL DEVICES and electronics for MEDICAL DEVICES. We can provide production, testing, validation and final packaging activities. For testing activities, we develop all the validation documentation, operating instructions, checklists, and traceability and product life cycle documents.

We also develop automation for the PHARMA sector.

We also use the same design and production technologies in the areas of industrial automation and telecommunications where there are critical applications.

Can you process medical devices for customers outside the EU?

Yes, we can design and produce for and MD PHARMA customers everywhere and we can guide the registration of the product according to the regulations in the countries of destination.
We regularly organise team-meetings with EU and non-EU customers.

Do you have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification?

We have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 system quality certification and we apply stringent GMP methods for each of our processes.

Our methods are based on concepts of creation and maintenance of historical files that document the phase of progress of the project and changes in post-production.

Do you offer support for GAMP 5 documentation?

Yes, we are able to prepare all documentation for PHARMA automation systems in accordance with GAMP 5.

Do you offer a prototyping service?

Our laboratory and the network of specialised companies with which we collaborate allows us to provide a range of services such as electronic prototyping, precompliances, specific tests in the laboratory, CB TEST REPORTS, type tests, rapid mechanical prototyping, modelling, surface treatment, mechanical and environmental stress.

Do you work with clients who have already a technical staff?

We favor the development of new projects through co-engineering modalities with the customer or with other partners identified by the customer.

We develop rigorous management of expertise of the members of the project staff and we pay special attention to the production of adeguate MEETING MINUTES for each individual decision shared among internal staff or with the customer’s staff.

Can you offer a final price for your activities?

Yes. Beyond the first phase in which design or production specifications, deadlines and each other’s skills are fully defined , our historical experience allows us to offer a final price in most cases.

We can also work by PLAFOND on individual defined objectives.

Which business dimension is acceptable for design and production?

We are structured to develop projects that have a value between € 50,000 and €2,000,000.

With regard to production, we can effectively manage an MD business for € 2,000,000/annum, without alteration of staff necessary.

For a more ambitious production job, it is necessary to consider at least the times and investments for activation.

Do you have particular approaches to privacy?

We devote great attention to confidentiality of the project and product.

Our internal strategy is that we work for just one customer for each specific business.

Internally, we have also activated rigorous management of individual responsibilities and limited access to the documentation useful for each activity.

We also have a low turnover of our employees and, finally, we have rigorous management of confidentiality agreements with our suppliers or consultants.

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